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Robert Downs calls himself a photographer, but his real job is turning light into gold. Whether shooting drummer Tre Cool for a magazine, or documenting the players behind an exciting tech startup, Robert aims to capture the vision and skill, as well as the authenticity and magic, of each subject.

He comes by his photographic gifts naturally, with creative genes and inspiration from both sides of his family. His mother was a graphic artist who made design awareness a centerpiece of his childhood. And, his father was a photojournalist for more than forty years with the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. He’s literally in the family business.  


For nearly 25 years Robert has pursued that goal by combining portraiture, live event photography and editorial images that document the activities of clients and companies. His customers have ranged from the Los Angeles Times and Sony Music to Zildjian Cymbals, Gretsch Drums and Ibanez Guitars. His work has been featured extensively on covers and editorial spreads for Drum! and Rhythm Magazine as well as Total Guitar and AMP in the UK. Robert works directly with some of the top musicians and touring bands on the charts including Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones, Public Enemy, Slipknot, KISS, The Cult, and many more. link to full interview

RDP is gratefully sponsored by these amazing photo brands:


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